about jennifer
Jennifer Kennedy lives in Portland, Oregon, where she is a Life Coach and Jewelry Designer. She enjoys spending time reading, socializing, gardening, singing, advocating for animal welfare and adventuring around the gorgeous Pacific Northwest.

a note from the artist
Creativity has always been central in my life. Whether singing, landscaping or creating jewelry, I am nourished by expressing myself and leaving a mark of beauty. Therein lies the power of connecting with the world around me and sharing that which isn't always readily available through our more common modes of communication.

Creating wearable art gives me the opportunity to capture moods and experiences and keep them with me. I can embody what I see, feel and intuit in the world around me in a medium which is accessible to everyone. My treasures are inspired harmonies of color, texture and innate mystical properties and every piece is unique, with a story all its own.

I enjoy creating from my inspiration and yours. So, whether you're looking for a piece to match your favorite outfit, a talisman to strengthen an inner journey, or a piece which reminds you of your oceanside vacation, look no furtherů

Not all pieces on the site are currently available for sale. If a piece is sold and you have already fallen in love with it, please let me know. I am happy to create a custom piece with your desires in mind. Please email me for further information.

I enjoy creating pieces to fit your specific desires. If you are interested in commissioning a personalized piece, please email me for further information.

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